creative partners

The Guild maintains a directory of creative partners who provide support services for our writers. These partners are Guild members as well. In many cases, discounted services are available for fellow members.

cover art Readers can, and do, judge a book by its cover. An intriguing cover may persuade a new reader to take a further look, while a Microsoft Paint hackjob may be skipped over. Contact one of our cover artist partners for a professionally-done book cover!
editing Poor grammar, spelling and formatting can be a turn-off for most readers. They also give the genre an amateurish feel and a negative overall stigma. Our editor partners can help you create a highly polished product.
publicity Your book is of no use to you if nobody sees it. Our publicity partners can help you navigate social media, as well as more traditional outlets, to get your work out there!
consulting The Guild’s consulting partners are here to help you with various “odds and ends” including training and one-on-one assistance.

cover art

cover to cover designs

peaCOCKing publishing assistance

Custom designed Cover Art, formatting and Conversions all in one stop, means less hassle for you and more time to get back to writing.

Guild member receive a 15% Discount on Cover Art. (Format and conversions packages are always priced low to fit an independent author’s¬†budget)



jt logsdon

I specialize in fiction editing, including romance and erotica! Drop me a line ūüôā

Guild author discount offered: Offering a 10% discount on all edits for Guild author members!

lorelei logsdon

Copy editor specializing in genre fiction (including erotica), with a focus on serving the needs of self-publishers and indie authors.

Education includes an MA in English from East Carolina University and a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Maryland University College.

Professional experience includes 20 years as a writer and communications specialist, with additional expertise in document design, web content development, self-publishing, desktop publishing, and graphic design.

Offering a 10% discount on all services to Guild author members!

For more information, visit my website at

alison greene

I like to pretend I’m an editor. ¬†I say pretend, because I am human and due to this incarnation, I am fallible. ¬†I am honest, yet diplomatic. ¬†I do not change world building as it is not my world to recreate. ¬†Each author is the Creator of their specific universes and those universes should be respected. ¬†I do not change dialogue – unless I ask if the person has a specific speaking quirk or if the word in context is incorrect. ¬†Again, I am human and fallible. ¬†I am also a comma-phile. ¬†I LOVE the comma. ¬†I feel like there should be a Comma-holics Anonymous group to support this addiction.

Guild author discount offered: I’m cheap. ¬†Don’t spread it around. ¬†I like to help where I can, when I can. ¬†I’m poor, have crappy credit – I can’t get a loan for a tube of toothpaste. ¬†So, I get not being able to afford much. ¬†We can talk about price, trades, perks. ¬†Each author is different so each perk or discount would be different. ¬†I’d work with each author on a unique basis – not a cookie cutter rate.

PREMA romance
(Premier Romance Editing and Marketing Associates)

I am a freelance editor that works in content edits, copy editing, and proofreading. I believe that you will find my rates to be very competitive and I can guarantee a prompt turnaround. Please do contact me regarding a Trial Run. I am happy to provide, at no cost to you, a sample of what I do. I normally suggest twenty pages. This can help us both see how we could work together, and if I can provide what you are after.

Guild author discount offered: 15% first time customer discount for any services purchased on your first manuscript.

klassy editing and writing services

Our goal is to provide professional book editing, writing, critiquing, and author support services to our clientele. We do so with a passion and ambition toward your success.  While we offer a la carte service selection, our specialty lies in helping writers throughout the entire creative process.

We also offer 10% off of a “light edit” for Guild members!

critique my novel

Professional Editing service
-Several services for all levels of writing
-Free samples
-Easy payment plans
-Annual contest

Guild author discount offered: 10%

publicity/social media

in the pages designs

contact: beckey

Digital promotional services.

Guild author discount offered: 25% off any the services offered

mark my words book publicity

Mark My Words Book Publicity is a PR company specializing in authors in the YA, NA, Romance and Erotica genres.

Guild author discount offered: Special Erotic Authors Guild package, contact for details.



consulting/clinical sexologist

doctor charley

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world renowned Clinical Sexologist & BDSM Expert. She is the host & founder of BDSM Writers Con. Doctor Charley provides mentorship opportunities to authors and readers.

Guild author discount offered: 10% discount on registration to BDSM Writers Con. FREE 15-minute consultation.