our mission

The mission of the Erotic Authors Guild is:

  • To promote the advancement of our genre, elevating it above stigma and generalization.
  • To encourage collaboration amongst our community.
  • To provide encouragement, support, and resources to writers who are new to the genre.
  • To assist established writers in further development of their craft.
  • To establish a benchmark of acceptable standards for our work, including but not limited to: writing, formatting, pricing and marketing.
  • To define and maintain categorization of subgenres; to propagate those subgenres into the various promoters, marketers and sellers of erotic writing.
  • To create and maintain working relationships with other organizations including but not limited to: review sites, marketers, and book publishing entities.
  • To establish a network and directory of service providers that are proponents of erotic writing.
  • To provide resources and support to fight public and private censorship.
  • To defend our members and our genre against plagiarism and piracy, and to provide our members with the tools to defend themselves against same.

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