piracy alert

The Erotic Authors Guild has discovered several instances of ebook piracy on a site called tuebl.ca.

At this site, books can be uploaded by anybody. No due diligence is done by the owner, Travis Mccrea, to ensure that the uploaded holds copyright. Mr. Mccrea also doesn’t believe he is doing anything wrong, and has actually affiliated with a nonprofit religious group holding the belief that it’s ok to steal copyrighted works.

It’s recommended that all authors check the tuebl site to ensure that your works aren’t being reproduced there. If you have listings which you didn’t authorize, there are a number of options.

1. File a DMCA complaint at Cloudflare, which provides passthru hosting for tuebl.

2. Contact security@joesdatacenter.com. They provide the webhosting for the pirate site.

3. On the tuebl site itself, you’ll note the presence of context-based advertising. Note the names of the advertisers, visit them on their official Facebook pages, and let them know how you feel about seeing their ad revenue being used to support copyright infringement.

4. Contact the Guild for assistance.

If you are an erotica author, you do not need to be a member to receive general assistance on piracy matters. However, we encourage you to consider joining the Erotic Authors Guild.